Our Story


We have been selling beautiful petite women's fashion for over 20 years and have a wonderful, loyal and ever growing clientele.

As the first dedicated online petite store, with an established street front location in Toronto's exclusive ‘Eglinton Way' Shopping District, we look forward to serving many more women with the same honest service and great quality fashion that fits.

At the Petite Alternative our goal has always been, and will continue to be, bringing beautiful, updated, affordable clothes that fit, to women under 5'4". After years of establishing ourselves, we noticed two things happening over and over again. First we were too often doing alterations for our customers…even on petite lines. Second, every season there are cuts and cancellations of important styles or entire collections that would disappoint us and our customers. We needed more control!

This led us to develop our own line. We embarked on designing and manufacturing our own essential petite styles in what we think are fundamentals of any wardrobe…a great jacket, shift dress, pant and shirt. We have never believed in doing anything according to ‘industry standards'. Our fit standards have been developed based on our customer’s needs, and sample after sample of pattern changes and corrections until we felt it was just right. Years of 'hands on' experience is how our amazing fit has evolved.

Quality is my personal pride, and our proudly Made in Canada petite clothing line "Petite Alternative" is made from top quality fabrics offering incredible value. Watch for it's return, in our store and online, in March 2016.  

In addition to our private label collection, we also offer many brand name petite and non petite labels that have been carefully selected based on our 5’0” buyer personally trying on every sample for consideration, and only selecting those items that meet our petite fit standards.

Our online store is brand new and will grow and get better, to serve you better. Please check back with us often in these early stages, as we will be adding items often and making changes as we grow our vision.

Enjoy browsing through our online store and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have.

We'd love to hear from you.



The Petite Alternative